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Sodium p-toluenesulfonate

Chinese Name: Sodium p-toluene sulfonic acid
Product Name: Sodium p-toluenesulfonate
CAS #:657-84-1
Molecular formula:C7H7S03Na
Molecular weight:194.18
EINECS: 211-522-5 
Appearance: white powder
Technical index:

active matter
sodium chloride
PH-value (1%)

Product uess:
Used as slurry modifier in chemical synthesis and synthetic determent.It has funtions of:
It can reduce viscosity, improve liquidity,reduce energy consumpion and improve production capacity;
It can imprpve moisture content by 2-4% and reduce cost;
It can accelerate hydration of Pentassodium in washing powder and improve anti-agglomeration property;
It can reduce pollution and increase output.
It is suitable in oil field well drilling and medical synthetic intermediate.
Method of ues :To add 2-3% to the detergent product(weight ratio)
Packaging:25kg plastic woven bag lined with plastic film

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